Río de Janeiro, Brasil



Río de Janeiro, Brasil


I wish I could walk out of my job right now and get on the first plane out to Cartagena, Colombia. Just cause I’ve been dying to visit Colombia. And then after relaxing there for about three weeks or so…yes three weeks…because in less than three weeks you can not learn about a place…so right after I would hop on a plane to Rio and just stay there. For like a while.

I’m tired.


15 famous landmarks zoomed out that tell a different story

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Buh Bye IG

So a couple of days ago I decided to delete my IG. For a second I thought dam…all the followers I gained…but then said whatever. Trying to keep my life more private. Besides this blog where I sometimes vent, but everyone on here are strangers, so it’s okay.

Don’t even miss ig.

El Salvador, Venezuela, and what "dictatorship" means in Latin America




I want every North American who is posting in the #prayforvenezuela tag to look very carefully at what is happening in El Salvador right now, because it will provide some clues to things you need to know about Venezuela.

El Salvador had a civil war between the right-wing military government (then…

You do know that Venezuela’s elections have been manipulated by the government right? You should include that in your arguments for defending the “democracy” that Venezuela is experiencing right now. Also you would have to live in El Salvador to actually know what is going on here. A lot of people like to talk about things they have never experienced. So unless you take those two points into account I don’t think what you are saying is right.

Fortunately (though unfortunately for your argument) there isn’t any evidence to back up your assertion that the Venezuelan government manipulates elections.

And it is fact that ARENA is buying out people and threatening to fire them from their jobs if they don’t join their pointless manifestations. Now that is what I call MANIPULATING.

My fiance is fit. And i mean FIT. I need to go back to the gym…lol

And then she resumes to sing&#8230;&#8221;eat the cake anna mae&#8221;

And then she resumes to sing…”eat the cake anna mae”

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La Primera Dama de El Salvador - Dra. Vanda Pignato

¿Cómo una brasileña se convirtió en primera dama de El Salvador? La Dra. Vanda Pignato comparte sus experiencias, describe su dinámico proyecto de construcción de una ciudad para mujeres necesitadas, y nos explica por qué es tan importante su labor incansable para proteger a los adultos mayores.

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Latinas with degrees


Why can’t people that haven’t seen me in a long time ask me if I have a degree before the “are you married?how many kids do you have?” question?!Lets reverse the questions please. Which led to me think let me create a photo project out of this and to get people thinking the opposite.

If you…